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Computer manufacturers

Companies that make computers are known as computer manufacturers. Here is a list of some of the world’s biggest computer manufacturers:

Acer (Taiwan), Asus (Taiwan, )BenQ (Taiwan), Dell (USA), Alienware (USA), HCL (India),                              LG (Korea), Maxdata(Germany), Sony (Japan), Zotac  (China), Gigabyte  (Taiwan),                          Panasonic  (Japan), Toshiba (Japan), Apple (USA) .

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Desktop computer

A desktop computer is one’s own or personal computer which is put on a desk for frequent use in one place, rather than a laptop or a cellphone – which can move around easily. In the early stages of computers, the computer tower was put horizontally on the desk and the screen on top to allow more space for the keyboard and mouse. Nowadays, the computer tower is usually found below your desk sitting upright or vertical as opposed to horizontal. This is because the evolution of the computer has changed.

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Computer speakers

Computer speaks are also computer equipment and must not be confused with computer hardware. Speakers are external to the computer and is pc equipment that is connected to the computer. Computer speakers allow music or sound to be played. You can adjust the sound of the speakers, varying from soft to loud. Computer manufacturers make different sizes and shapes of computer speakers. The speakers are connected to the computer by a cable.

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Computer cases

The computer case is otherwise known as the case or the computer tower. The purpose of the computer case is to close off all the computer parts, which are inside the computer case, and protect them from being touched and broken. Much like the human skin, our outer layer protects our internal organs from harm. The computer case works in the exact same way. Different computer manufacturers make different types of computer cases and may vary in size or shape. The computer manufacturers may also change the colour of the computer case. The usual colour is black or white. You can easily open the case by sliding off the side panel. You do this by unscrewing the screws attached at the back of the computer where the cables are plugged in.  A computer case is one of the most significant computer equipment.



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Computer wirelss

When you hear “wireless”, then it means what it says “wire…less”. This tells us that a device does not require a wire to function.

Let’s take a mouse for example. A mouse is a computer device that is plugged in to the back of your computer, hence we use a wire/cable to plug the mouse in to the computer. When we have a wireless mouse, then we have a mouse that is run on battery and we plug in a small device that looks like a memory stick in the back of your computer. This ‘memory stick’ device acts as a signal pole for the mouse to connect to the rest of the computer. You can use your mouse without requiring a cable, however, after time the battery may run flat and you will need to change it.

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What is a router: A router is a small device that is used to connect two or more data lines[ lan calbles ] from different networks. It allows data to flow from the different networks. You can use a router to setup a Lan Network between the computers. It forwards data packets between computers. The router reads the incoming data from one of the computers and determines the destination of the data. This allows data to be transfered and received

For a computer to access ADSL internet a router is needed. You must connect the router to the telephone cable. This provides the internet access and the internet speed. Now you insert the data cable or lan cable into the router and into your computer. This will allow data from your computer to flow anywhere over the world.

It can be used to keep business’ running. A router can be used to make money online. It can be used to play games against others over a local network over the internet. Visit our multiplayer game blog to find out more

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computer accessories

Do you struggle sometimes to find documents in your computer? You try so hard to search for one document among the hundreds of folders and names.

Here’s a easy technique you can use to pin point the document you are looking for.
This is what you do:

Go to the bottom left hand side of your screen where it says “Start”. Click on it.
A tab should open up on your left hand side. It should display different types of documents that are placed on your computer. At the bottom of that it says “Search programs and files”. Click on it.
Once you have clicked on it, type in the name of the document you are searching for.
Once you have typed it in, numerous options should pop up. Your document that your are looking for should be there.

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Lan gaming

What is ‘Lan gaming’ ?

This is when people are connected over a Lan (as explained in the previous post) to other people’s computers, to play mulitplayer or online computer games. This allows you to play the same game with/against each other if the game provides multiplayer options.

Some examples of games that you are able to do this:

Call Of Duty
World Of Warcraft
Steam games (i.e Tf2)

And much much more.

No money is involved in this if you already have a lan cable. If you do not have one then it is not a problem, you can go and buy one from any computer or hardware store.They are fairly cheap and should not be a problem to get hold of one. Laning, however, costs electricity (to run computers) and may use up cap of your internet if you ARE playing online games. If your are not playing online games and you simply playing Vs each other with friends etc. then it takes no internet at all.

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What is lan

Firstly, lan stands for ‘Local Area Network’ which is simply a group of at least 2 computers connected together by cable or wireless. The computers would be connected by a device such as a router. This allows the computers to be accessed by one another (if no password is required).

For example, if we had three computers namely; computers A, B and C. Computer A will be able to connect to computers B and C, computer B will be able to connect to A and C, and computer C will be able to connect to computer A and B. Simple right? When we say ‘able to connect to each other’ we mean that you are able to access the other person’s documents such as music folders, games etc, however, it is not as easy as that but we will go into detail with that later on.

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I will now be taling about Lan network regarding the hub.

THe hug is a small device that connects several number of computers together. The can be connected with lan cables. The hub has a small power device that powers it.
How the hub works

You plug your lan calbe into the hub. This now connects your into a network of computers. You will be able to transfer and receive data from other computers with the hub. Its an easy and simple soultion into trading data with computers

The hub

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